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Our Specialties


Popularly known as Kamal's ice cream, the brand currently consists of a range of real ice creams, cakes and confectionaries, and a variety of snacks. Having begun our journey in Bengal, we aspire to spread our flavours throughout India.

Impending Products

Kamal's Vanilla Blast Cream Filled Cake

Kamal's Munchies Tak Jhal Misti

Kamal's Munchies Jhal Chanachur

Kamal's Munchies Jhal Matar

Kamal's Munchies Chana Dal

Kamal's GluKon - Fresh Orange

Kamal's GluKon - Fresh Lime

Kamal's Crispy Bite (Premium Cake Rusk)

Kamal's CreamBite (Vanilla & Pineapple Flavored Cream Roll)

Kamal's Munchyum (Diet Chiwra)


Keeping tradition alive
Preserve our Heritage


Quality you can Taste
Crafted With Cart
Excellence in every bite


Think out of the box with us
Fuel your Imagination


Passionate about creating the perfect taste
Feel your passion with our taste

Message from Leadership

In these trying times, I would like to place on record my appreciation to all employees, lenders and debtors for their dedication and support. We are committed to improving the efficiencies in our operations and differentiating itself in the market-place through customer focussed innovation in product and services, so as to build a stronger and sustainable future for our Company.

                                                              Managing Director